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Welcome to TerraVis™ by Worksport™. We are hard at work developing the future of truck accessories.

TerraVis™ wants to off-grid your truck life; work and sport. Our platform has the opportunity to redefine the category.


TerraVis™ is a mobile panel and solar generator system. The integrated solar panels in the rugged tonneau cover collect the suns rays and store it in the high capacity battery bank. Use it to power your life or extend your electric vehicle range wherever you are.


Carry solar power with you for your campsite or  work-site


Future electric trucks can be charged for extended range  



Charged by the sun.Power up & go anywhere with the TerraVis modular power pack. 


Removable power bank with built in AC & DC inverter to take power with you

Premium Grade Security

The proven Worksport™ latches ensure the tonneau is securely fixed to your truck. 


Removable Power Bank

The power bank can be used in place or removed for versatile power exactly where you need it.

Modular Cells

You will never be shy on power with TerraVis™. Swap out depleted cells on the power rail. 



Rugged Solar Tonneau

Made from the most durable materials, this solar tonneau maintains the Worksport™ build quality while integrating the latest solar tech.

The Future of Mobile Power is TerraVis™

We Are



TerraVis™ is brought to you by Worksport™. We have been designing and manufacturing tonneau (truck bed) covers for pick-up trucks since 2011. Worksport™ strives to develop innovative products. From sketch to prototype we are always looking at what’s next for truck owners. 


How much power will the cover generate?

Depending on the trucks bed size, up to 1000+ Watts using monocrystalline solar panels at about 22% efficiency. 

What Trucks will the TerraVis™ fit? 

The TerraVis™ system will be made to fit legacy trucks with internal combustion engines from about 2010 and up. This will electrify those truck beds. We will also make a TerraVis™ model for each EV (Eletric Truck) forthcoming in the North American Market, such as Rivian, Workhorse, Atlis, Bollinger, Tesla, Herculese, as well as GM and Ford trucks. 

What will the battery bank be made using? 

We are developing versions using LiFePO4 as well as standard L-Ion. We will continue to explore the most stable and suitable materials. It can store over 2 Kilowatts of DC power.

Will it charge Electric Vehicles?

The TerraVis™ system will be designed to provide meaningful power for the forthcoming electric trucks. 

Is it portable?

Within the battery bank, there is a portable "break away" unit that will house a 4000W A/C invert er and provide two  2000W outlets. The portable pack will provide close to 1 Kilowatt of stored energy. It will fast-charge from the bed mounted battery banks in about 15 - 30 minutes. 

When the TerraVis be released?

We are currently in the design stages of the TerraVis™. We are seeking additional investment capital to finalize the product. We expect to launch the product within    12-24 months of funding.

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Terravis™ is a Worksport™ initiative with a focus on the future pick up accessories.


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