Worksport™ Provides Update for TerraVis™ OEM Supply Agreement

TORONTO – Sept. 15, 2020 -- Worksport Ltd, (OTC:WKSP) (or the “Company), will require additional time to make a formal announcement of its first TerraVis™ solar truck cover partnership with a U.S. based Electronic Vehicle manufacturer. This is the result of broadening discussions between both companies, beyond the initial supply partnership agreement announced earlier this month

The TerraVis™ Solar Truck Bed Power System, for its first OEM partner, will be uniquely configured so that TerraVis™ will provide the EV Truck, with a meaningful source of recharge power, from its integrated Solar Panels. The partnership between the two companies is expected to generate US$70 million in revenues for Worksport™ in the near-to-mid-term, according to Worksport™ CEO Steven Rossi.

Management from the companies are engaged in active discussions, expanding beyond just the initial supply partnership agreement. Discussions are now centered towards additional synergies that are leading towards further opportunities between the companies. Details are expected be made publicly available soon.

As well, Worksport™ has had business interest from organizations in Holland, Germany, Australia, Spain, multiple U.S. and Canadian companies as well as overwhelming interest from journalists and those within the investment community. TerraVis™, much more than a solar panel truck bed cover, is a fully integrated, scalable system pairing on-demand zero emissions solar power with an unmatched cargo bed usage experience meeting pickup truck owners’ needs as they expand and change.

“This is an extremely pivotal and exciting time for Worksport™,” said Rossi. “We are proceeding with optimistic caution and believe this is history in the making. TerraVis is poised to off-grid the future EV-Truck off-road experience”

The Company will frequently update shareholders, supporters, and investors to maintain the highest level of disclosure and information dissemination as Worksport™ continues to grow and develop at a very rapid pace.

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